Why Do I Need a Website?

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As a tradesperson, competition can be fierce. There could be hundreds of trades advertising similar services in your local area alone, and in this competitive industry, it can be a struggle to be heard. A lot of businesses’ rely solely on word of mouth, and sometimes this means that your trade is lost in a sea of competition. 

A great starting point for trades is social media. When done right, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can become a crucial tool to get the word out about your business. However, you need to be one step ahead of the competition, and there’s A LOT out there. 

So to help you make your mark and stand out from the rest, we’ve made a checklist of what a professionally tailored website can do for you and your business.

Other Trades Have Websites

It’s also a good idea to take a look at what your competitors are up to. For instance, a customer is looking online for a service that you provide; they see two companies on facebook advertising similar services. However, only one business has a website. 

Your Facebook page has a short description of services, pricing, and pictures, meaning that a customer has to trawl through your generic page to search for the information they need. 

Whereas, your competitor has a facebook page AND a link to their super-smart website with fresh content, detailed pricing structure and testimonial page. They’re able to tailor their website with their own logo, pages and are able to curate every aspect of it to attract their clients. They are the definition of professionalism.

So, who do you think clients will choose?

List What You Do

As a tradesperson, you might be a dab hand at a lot of different things. For example, you could be a plumber who also installs kitchens, or a plasterer who fits laminate flooring. Whatever your skill set, you need to let your customers know exactly what service/s you’re offering. First and foremost, have these services clearly listed and define each process. If your clients know what you do, and how you’re going to do it, it helps them understand you and your business better. 

Next, pricing. This part is completely up to you, and it’s important for your clients to know. Take a look at your competitors’ prices; can you beat them? Do you provide a more premium service, therefore higher prices? How long will a job take to complete and how much will your materials be? Be honest with your customers, but know your worth. You don’t ever want to sell yourself short. 

Build Pages For People

One important aspect to your website, and business as whole, is to know your target audience. In marketing speak, we call your ideal customer an ‘avatar’. 

With a website, we’re able to build pages targeted to your key avatars and curate services tailored to them. As previously discussed, your service page/s need to be as informative as possible, listing everything your trade offers. Including pictures and photographs of completed jobs shows the client what they’ll be getting if they hire you, so it’s important to make sure these images are up to scratch. A good quality picture of your work is essential to generating customer interest. For more information, follow this link to our article ‘How Do I Take Photos For My Website?’.

Remember, it’s all about YOU and YOUR business. So it’s a good idea to showcase your products and services, and feature case studies and testimonials about your work.

Clients Contact You On Their Terms

With a professional website you’re able to allow your customers to contact you, on your terms. It can be difficult to take calls when you’re on a job, but making sure that you have an easy way for clients to contact you means you’ll never miss a lead again! Click on the following link to discover the ‘Top 5 Customer Contact Options for Your Business‘.

It Sells For You

The foundation of every business is built upon a set of core values. Ideally, the clients that you want to attract are like-minded and share in your ideals. Attracting the wrong type of client does not result in a win-win scenario for either you, or them. 

Having a beautifully tailored website is the perfect place to showcase your business and express your values. With your own website you can educate any potential customers on how your business works, and have the complete freedom to express yourself. You’ll be able to customise it with your brand colours, feature your logo and truly sell yourself!

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So now you know why! You just need a website, right?

In comes Tradely!

Tradely is a service that offers affordable websites and marketing, just for trades. It’s a way to set yourself apart from your competitors, by showcasing your work on a professional platform. With Tradely, you can have a custom built website that matches your brand completely. We do it all! From website design and build to supported hosting.

We have packages starting from as little as £325+VAT, so no matter what you need we’ve got you covered! If you’re a bigger business and need a more tailored solution, our website packages are also affordable. For more information, feel free to contact us via social media or using our web chat. We even offer free advice via zoom! 

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