Websites For Gardeners and Landscaping Contractors

Gardening and landscaping work is always affected by the seasons. Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial work, you’re always busiest during the summer months. Marketing your services when you’re busy is a great move, whether you’re aiming for domestic customers, estates, or commercial contracts, but you need the right tools for the job. Does your website make you stand out from the competition?

That’s where Tradely can help.

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Problems We See With Gardening Websites

Are You Building Up A Round
or Bidding For Commercial?

Do you prefer to build up a collection of smaller, domestic jobs, or are you more interested in bidding for the maintenance contract for an estate or a block of flats?

Perhaps you’ve got your eye on larger commercial jobs instead.

Whatever work you’re aiming for, you need to tailor your website to speak to that audience.

After all, the needs of Mrs. Jones down the road, who wants her lawn mowed once a month, are quite different from those of the owner of a 20-strong block of flats, who needs someone to keep their grounds tidy on a regular basis.

Websites for gardeners by Tradely®
websites for lanscapers by Tradely®

Not Looking Professional?

When people hire a gardener or a landscaping contractor, they want someone they can trust.

Whether you’re trimming someone’s hedges or maintaining a public park, you need to look professional.

If your website looks amateurish, people will assume that you are as well, and it won’t take them long to find another gardener that looks the part.

Looking for Maintenance?
Or Want to Landscape?

If your website is a mess, visitors aren’t going to stick around to try and find their way around it—there are way too many alternatives out there to make it worth their while.

Your various landscaping and gardening services should be neatly laid out and easy to navigate, with a focus on the sort of work you want to attract.

websites for gardeners by Tradely®

Is Your Email Killing Your Enquiries?

When you first start out in the trade, it’s easy to set up a free email with a funny name like With the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to see that this wasn’t the most professional approach.

Customers want to know that you’re serious, and a wacky email address is not good for business these days. More to the point, these free email providers have a tendency to ship a lot of incoming mail directly to your junk folder, so you end up missing out on leads from your site as well as referrals.

If you don’t see the work come in, you can’t respond to it, which can seriously damage your reputation.

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Here’s How To Fix It

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More Of The Work You Like

Do you want to do more landscaping work for private gardens? Perhaps you want to build up a general maintenance round. Maybe you’d rather bid on larger commercial projects. By carefully curating your various services across multiple pages, you can target each page to a specific type of client. This means you get more of the work you love doing, and who doesn’t want that?

Speak In Their Language

The way you sell your landscaping services is totally different if you’re speaking to a local homeowner who wants their hedge trimming every now and then or if you’re talking to the manager of an apartment complex who needs someone to maintain their communal garden area. Your website should reflect that, and we can help. Our experienced copywriters will put together on-site content that speaks to the sort of customers you’re trying to attract.

Charge More

People expect to pay more for a quality service, and gardening is no different. If you look the part, you will be able to charge more for your services while also attracting the kind of work that you prefer to do. Improve your image with a professional website, and you can improve your profits at the same time.

Never Miss A Lead

Our custom Tradely app allows you to track every incoming lead, whether it comes through your website or as a referral through your Tapped card.

You can quickly mark each one as won or lost, making it easy to manage your workload. We give you all the tools you need, so you never miss out on an opportunity again.

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What’s The Next Job?

Thanks to your lead list in the Tradely app, you don’t have to worry about where your next gardening job is coming from.

You get to pick and choose the work you want from your ever-growing list of leads, and you can call or email your customers with a single tap to book them into your diary.

Be The Reliable Ones

If you get a reputation for not responding to inquiries, don’t be surprised when those inquiries start to dry up.

In the gardening and landscaping trade, your reputation is everything, and we can help you build a great one.

With all your leads and referrals in one place on your Tradely app, you can respond to each of them quickly and professionally.

Even if you have to turn down some of the jobs, knowing that you respond to every lead will work wonders for your local reputation.

Look Professional

Your new trade site will put you ahead of other gardeners and landscaping contractors in the area.

We promise beautiful, clean layouts that are coordinated to match your branding, as well as first-class written content that speaks to the customers you’re trying to attract.

We will set you up with your own business-grade email address (one that includes your domain name) to really hammer home the message that you are a professional that people can trust.

That means you can expect to win more work and charge higher rates.

What We Do

Your Website

Before we can build your site, we need to know the kind of work you’re looking to attract. We have a quick strategy session (basically a meeting) where we agree on the right content to include on your site to make sure it speaks to the right kind of people. Once we know that, we can work on the design, write the content, and even sort out the images if you don’t already have any.

The Tradely App

If a brand new site and reliable web hosting weren’t enough of an incentive, you’ll also get access to our Tradely app. This custom bit of software helps you track your leads and manage your workload. You can keep your list updated, contact clients with a single tap, and know where you are with each job at a glance.

Professional Email

It’s time to lose the Hotmail, folks—a free email address just doesn’t cut it these days. With Tradely, you get a business-level email that includes your domain name, giving you that professional look that customers are after. It’s managed by us and linked to your Tradely app, so you can find everything you need to run your business in one location.

Lead Gen Tools

If you’re working on a job or down at the pub and someone asks for a gardener, we don’t want you to miss out on a potential lead.

Forget about handing over a dog-eared business card or rooting through your pockets for a pen.

With your Tapped card or key fob, you can bring up your Tradely profile right on their phone.

Let them send an inquiry directly to your inbox, where you can add it instantly to your lead list. Never miss an opportunity again.

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It’s Easy To Get Sorted with Tradely

We Get It, You’re Too Busy

You don’t tend to think about marketing your business if you’ve already got plenty of work coming in, but that’s exactly when you should be doing it.

Advertising your services when you’re flush with cash is so much easier and less stressful than leaving it until you’re short on funds.

websites for gardeners by Tradely®
websites for tradespeople by Tradely®

Just One Meeting

We collect everything we need to set up your Tradely site in a single meeting.

You tell us the sort of work you’re looking for, and we’ll work out the pages you’ll need and what they should say to attract the right kind of customers.

You can leave it all in our capable hands as we put together the perfect site for you. We handle the content, design, and images to match your branding.

In a few weeks, your site will go live, and you can start spreading the word. Plaster your website address on your van, post a link on your social media—anything you want to do.

We’ll Call You Right Back!

We like to make things easy for you.

All we need is your name, phone number, and email address to get started, then we’ll give you a quick call to find out what you need and how we can help.

Within minutes of your call, we’ll be able to send you a fully-costed quote for our services—no waiting around for ages for a response.

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