Websites for Driveway Contractors

As a driveway installer, you know how important first impressions are.

Whether you specialise in tarmac, block paving, resin, or printed concrete, your driveways give your customers’ properties an undeniable wow factor.

Isn’t it about time someone did the same for your website?

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Problems We See With Driveway Websites

Homeowners or Home Builders?

Whether you specialise in one-off jobs for domestic customers, multi-plot assignments for building contractors, or driveways and car parks for commercial clients, it’s important that your website speaks to them.

A private homeowner who fancies a resin-bound driveway probably isn’t bothered about the technical ins and outs, while someone procuring groundwork services for a major project will be.

Is your marketing smart enough to know the difference?

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Not Looking Professional?

Laying a driveway is a large undertaking for any domestic or commercial customer, and they want someone they can trust to get the job done.

Whether they’ve come across your site through a Facebook ad or you’ve slipped it into a pitch presentation for a corporate gig, if your site doesn’t look professional, they’re going to assume that you’re not either.

Are You Easy To Buy From?

Research shows that people spend less than thirty seconds searching a particular website for what they’re after before they look elsewhere.

If customers have to dig to find the services you provide or the prices you charge, then you’ve already lost them.

There’s always another driveway fitter out there—it’s your website’s job to stop people from finding that out!

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Is Your Email Killing Your Enquiries?

A jokey email like was all well and good back in the day, but these days it’s not good for business.

Neither is a mailbox that sends all your website queries into a spam folder.

To get a reputation for reliability, you need to answer all your online inquiries, but you can only do that if they get to you in the first place.

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Here’s How To Fix It

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More of the Work You Like

Are you fed up with installing paved driveways for domestic customers? Would you rather be spending your time laying resin-bound drives and car parks for commercial clients? We can set up your site to attract the sort of work you’re interested in, focusing on your expertise in that area to get more and better leads.

Speak In Their Language

The tone of your website will help you secure the right kind of customer. After all, you’d speak differently to the owner of a luxury home than you would to the head of a builders’ association. Fortunately for you, our skilled copywriters can get the wording just right to appeal to your target audience and inspire confidence in your business.

Charge More

When customers see a high-end site, they expect high-end service and the higher prices that come with it. Improve your online image, and you can raise your prices to match. A professional appearance is half the battle in finding customers that recognise your worth.

Never Miss A Lead

With our Tradely app, you will be notified every time someone makes an inquiry through your site, while our Tapped cards allow you to get referrals in an instant, whether you’re on site or down the pub.

You can see all your leads in a single list, so you never lose track of them.

Simply mark them as won or lost as you work through them.

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Finishing A Job? What’s Next?

Your in-app lead list means you no longer need to worry about where the next job is coming from, as it’s all there on your phone.

Start scrolling through your list and choosing the job you want as your next project.

We use a simple, easy-to-navigate interface that lets you call or email a customer with a tap of the screen and makes it easy to find the right job, whenever you need it.

Be The Reliable Ones

As an independent fitter of driveways, it’s important to build a reputation as someone who responds to inquiries, and the Tradely app helps you do that.

Your lead list will show who you’ve called back, what their response was, when to follow up on their inquiry, and more.

Nobody wants to wait forever for a tradesperson to call back.

If people know that you answer every query, that sort of thing gets around, working wonders for your rep.

Look Professional

If you’re looking for someone to install your drive and your choices boil down to some guy with a generic Facebook page or someone with a stunning and fully functional website, which one are you going for?

Well, your customers will think the same way.

Our websites don’t just look good; they contain essential information for any visitor and are designed to match your branding.

Anybody visiting your site will know you’re a pro, right down to your business email address.

What We Do

Your Website

It starts with a meeting where we decide, between us, what to include on your site. What services are you offering? Who are you selling to? Why should they choose you? Once we’ve answered those questions and planned out the site, we write the content, source some images, and build the site you’ve always wanted.

The Tradely App

There are web hosts out there who charge you for a slice of server space and very little else. At Knights Digital, we want our partners to get value for their money, which is why each subscription includes our custom Tradely app. Track your leads in one easy and convenient location. Not only will you never miss another lead, you’ll be able to juggle your project easier.

Professional Email

In the same way a professional website gives a good impression, customers don’t expect a trader they can trust to have a Hotmail or Gmail account. We are Google Workspace partners and can set you up with a business email account that’s linked directly to your Tradely app for easy lead management.

Lead Gen Tools

If the topic of driveways comes up in a pub, a potential lead might well be pointed in your direction.

Do you want to root around for a pen and a scrap of paper, or do you want them to know you mean business from the very start?

With our tapped cards and key tags you can transmit your Tradely profile directly to their phone, where they can send an online inquiry straight into your inbox.

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It’s Easy To Get Sorted with Tradely

We Get It, You’re Too Busy

If you’re already busy with work, it can be easy to put advertising your business on the back burner, but this is the best time to think about it.

Promoting your company is so much easier when you have a bit of cash to throw around—much easier than trying to do it when the work has already dried up.

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Just One Meeting

At Knights Digital, we want to be able to get on and do our job, just as we’re sure you want to do the same with the rest of your business.

For this reason, we don’t keep you bogged down in endless meetings.

We gather all the information we need the first time we meet with you, working out what to include on your site and how best to promote the services you provide.

With all that sorted, we can get on with the meat of the project—designing, writing, and building your new website.

While our team of techies gets on with the job, you can sit back and concentrate on your core business.

Once the site is ready to launch (which usually takes a few weeks), we’ll let you know so you can start adding it to your work van, stationery, social media, and anywhere else you can think of.

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We won’t leave you hanging, either; you’ll get a price sent to you within minutes of hanging up.

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