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Ay up sparkies! Want to win more of the work you like doing?

Are you sick of working on-site and want more domestic jobs? Are you fed up with rewiring and wanting to work on new builds instead? Do people struggle to understand what it is that you do?

Let’s get your website fixed up so you’re easier to buy from than your competition.

websites for sparkies by Tradely®

Problems We See With Electrician Websites

Losing Work From A Bad Website?

If someone lands on your website and they don’t find what they need right away, they’re going to go somewhere else, maybe to your biggest competitor.

If their website has everything they need right there, looking mint and speaking directly to them about their problems and worries, who do you thinkg they’re going to pick?

The only thing worse than a bad website is no website at all, since every new customer will be directed to your competition instead.

websites for electricians by Tradely®
electrician websites by Tradely®

Are You Speaking Sparky Talk?

Do you spend your time talking about what you do instead of who you do it for?

Is your trade talk all about rewiring, RCDs, LEDs, and EICR reports?

Are you talking about emergency lighting to domestic customers or, worse, is there no separation between your commercial and domestic services on site?

If you’re not speaking directly to your customer or properly curating your services it confuses your message and can potentially put people off.

Sick of Site Work?
Done with Domestic Jobs?

If you’re sick of working a certain type of work but that’s all you’re speaking about on site, it means your website is out of alignment with what you want to do.

Nobody wants more of the wrong type of work, where you’re stuck in the rat race and dying to finish up so you can sink a few jars and drown your sorrows.

Why not look forward to work instead of trying to escape it?

electrician websites by Tradely®

Is Your Email Killing Your Enquiries?

We all know that when we set up back in the 90s it was hilarious, but it’s not a good look in the 2020s.

If your email address is a joke, people will think you’re a joke and treat you accordingly by keeping far away from you.

If your generic mailbox keeps sending emails to your junk folder, you can end up missing a ton of work. And what about leads from your website? Are they all getting through? Are you spotting them on time and responding to them quickly? If not, you could end up with a reputation for failing to respond to inquiries.

Lets get that fixed for you…

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Here’s How To Fix It

sparky websites by Tradely®

More Of The Work You Like

Do you hate doing re-wires but love fitting smart homes? Are you sick of site work and want to switch to domestic? Your marketing is how you attract the right customers. Speaking to them will attract them. Our advice on website content can help make sure you’re speaking to the right people.

Show People What They Need

If someone visits your site looking to install an EV charging point, they don’t want to have to scroll through a ton of content about emergency lighting or commercial rewiring. Don’t make your clients dig for what they need; target your services to the right people.

Speak In Their Language

Talk to your clients about the problems they have instead of the services you provide. The meeting we have with you will find out what kind of work you love and how we can get that work front and centre so your clients can get what they need.

Never Miss A Lead

Track every lead from your site in our custom-built app.

Mark each one as won or lost and never miss an enquiry again.

With our Tapped cards, you can get referrals on the job or in the boozer.

That means no more handing out dog eared business cards and no more missed opportunities.

tradely app screenshots

What’s The Next Job?

With your lead list in the Tradely app, you never have to wonder where the next job is coming from. You get to cherry pick the type of work you want to do through our simple interface. 

Tap to call or email customers and get in touch to book in your next projects.

Always have your next job lined up.


Be The Reliable Ones

Once you get a reputation for not replying to enquiries, it’s hard to come back from it. On the other hand, if you respond to every enquiry in person, word gets around that you’re a sparky to be trusted. 

Even if you don’t take on every job, being known as someone who responds to enquiries puts you ahead of the pack. 

Stand out by being reliable, with ease.

Look Professional

Your new website will put you above other sparkies in the area. 

Gorgeous, clean layouts that are matched to your brand, along with a business-grade email that includes your website name, will reinforce your image as a professional local electrician, not just a Sunday sparky.  

This will help you win more work.

What We Do

Your Website

Your new, custom-built website starts with our amazing strategy session. We know: it sounds a bit “markety”, but its really just a meeting to get your website content worked out so you’re speaking to the right people. Our team will then take it off your hands and do all the behind-the-scenes stuff. We write the content, build the site, sort out any images if you don’t have your own, and match the site to your branding.

The Tradely App

Your monthly subscription with us doesn’t just cover your web hosting, it also gets you access to the custom Tradely app. It’s a one-stop app for tracking your leads so you never miss out on a job and you can keep track of all your current work. It’s a great way to boost your reputation as a sparky that answers all their enquiries and helps you build a steady stream of work.

Professional Email

Lets lose the Hotmail address, shall we? It’s time to go for a more professional look. We’re Google Workspace partners, which means we can get you set up with a proper business-level email so customers know they’re dealing with an expert. It’s all managed by us and run directly through your app – no fuss, no worries.

Lead Gen Tools

We don’t want you giving out dog-eared business cards when someone down the pub asks for a sparky and miss out on capturing a decent lead.

Whip our your tapped card or key tag and have them launch your Tradely profile on their phone so they can enquire right then.

Their inquiry will drop straight into the inbox on your Tradely app, so you won’t ever miss an opportunity. It even works for referrals.

Cheap Website for Trades with Tradely® Tapped

It’s Easy To Get Sorted with Tradely

We Get It, You’re Too Busy

You might not be thinking about advertising right now, especially if you’re probably snowed with work.

Of course, if you’re not super busy, you should definitely be speaking to us.

Either way, advertising your business you’re busy and flush with cash always beats advertising when you’re backed into a corner and have no moolah to get the word out there.

websites for electricians by Tradely®
websites for tradespeople by Tradely®

Just One Meeting

Just one meeting with us and we’ll collect everything we need from you.

We’ll help you work out what pages should be on the site and what you need to say on each of them. This makes sure you’re attracting the right kind of work.

We handle everything for you – the writing, website design, and the final build.

All you need to do is sit back and leave us to it. In a few weeks, your brand new website will be set up and ready for you to blast all over your van, toolbox, social media, and anywhere else you can think to stick it.

We’ll Call You Right Back!

All we need is your name, email, and phone number and we can give you a quick buzz to get things moving.

Our enquiry process is quick and easy, and we can get you a quote for your package within a few minutes of calling.

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