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Tradely® Tapped is our entry-level website package, with no setup fees, and it comes with our easy-to-use Tapped Web Card that makes it easy as pie to share your business with new and existing customers for new business and referrals.

Best part is, it’s just £1.20 per day!

Cheap Website for Trades with Tradely® Tapped

We can get you online for just £39+VAT per month!
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It's Not For Everyone!
There's a Reason For That...

This service is exclusively for startups, small, or micro trades businesses that need a stepping stone to get them online.

That being said, Tapped also compliments your main website if you’re already online.

What Our Websites Provide

Tradely® Tapped Card
Always With You!

This ain’t the 90s! Ditch the dog eared business cards.

There’s nothing that screams unprofessionalism than a tattered business card that’s been thumbed out of someone’s wallet countless times.

Your New Tapped Web Card is plastic, so it’ll always look it’s best. Simply tap it on the back of your prospect’s phone, it’ll take them straight to your website where they can enquire online, or refer a friend, there and then.

Cheap Website for Trades with Tradely® Tapped

A Class Website
Done for you

After just one meeting, our team will take the wheel, and build you a world class website, matching your brand, containing all of your services, making it easy as pie for you to advertise online.

Bulletproof Hosting
& Support

We won’t let hackers, web trolls, or slow servers stump your growth. Our supported hosting covers everything to keep you online, so you don’t even need to think about it.

Lead Tracking
Via Our App

Never mind faffing about with email. No leads will go into spam with Tradely. We’ve built our very own app where all your leads are collected, just log in, and call or text them back! 

(Ok… you can email them too)

All of this for 95p per day?
Go on then...

Don't Be "That Person"
Always Show Up!

We’ve all been there, down the boozer with our pals and someone asks for a quote. Come the morning when you’ve swilled a few shandies, you’ve forgotten all about it.

Don’t make a name for being unreliable!

Swipe your Tapped Web Card on your new friend’s phone, ask them to fill out the simple form on the page, and their lead will be waiting in your Tradely® Inbox when you’re ready.

No clutter, no weekend’s worth of texts, just hot leads, ripe for the picking.

Cheap Website for Plasterers with Tradely® Tapped
Cheap Website for Plumbers with Tradely® Tapped

Get More Referrals
Whilst On The Job!

You ever have those clients who say “I’ve got a pal who needs your help” … but you forget to followup by the time you’ve done the job?

Ask your client to refer you on the spot with your Tapped Card. Collect your new lead’s details, and your referee’s, for added context for when you call!

Our app doesn’t only track your referrals as leads, but it saves who referred them! So you can always give your new lead context when you call.

This helps with winning more work!

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