Websites For Joiners and Carpenters

Ay up joiners!

Are you sick of working on site and would rather be taking on more domestic jobs? Would you rather be fitting kitchens than hanging doors? Are you busy laying floorboards when you’d rather be building furniture? Do you want to start getting more of the work you like instead of wading through the stuff you don’t?

Here at Tradely, we know what you want, and we can help you get it.


Problems We See With Joiner Websites

Sick of Site Work?
Done with Domestic Jobs?

When you’re in the trade, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of doing the same old work.

You want to be designing and installing kitchens, but your schedule for the next six months is all site work or odd jobs.

With the right website, you can attract more of the work that you want to do by drawing in clients that need that kind of work done—it’s that simple!

websites for joiners by Tradely®
websites for carpenters by Tradely®

Are You Giving People What They Want?

When people search online for a local carpenter or joiner, they’re not really thinking about dovetails and loft hatches.

They’re thinking about the extra storage space they want in their home or the fitted wardrobe they’ve always dreamed about.

If you’re selling the service instead of the home product, you’re confusing the message.

Speak to your customer about what they want to achieve, not about the ways and means to do it. That can come later, when you seal the deal.

Losing Work From A Bad Website?

If you were looking for a local trade and you came across a website that didn’t show you what you needed right away, how long before you looked somewhere else? 10 seconds? 20?

It’s the same with people looking for reliable carpenters and joiners.

Every person that visits your site and ends up giving up isn’t just a lost sale for you; it’s another job for your local competitors.

Websites for kitchen fitters by Tradely®

Is Your Email Killing Your Enquiries?

If you’ve been in the trade for a while, you’ve probably still got that first email address you set up, back when you thought was the height of comedy.

In the 2020s, it’s not a good look—if it sounds like a joke, people will think your business is a joke.

What’s worse, these free webmail accounts send a lot of incoming mail to your junk or spam folder.

That can cause you to miss out on leads and earn you a reputation as a joiner who doesn’t respond to inquiries—and it’s not even your fault!

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Here’s How To Fix It

websites for joiners by Tradely®

More Of The Work You Like

Do you want to fit more kitchens? Do you want to partner with a bedroom company to install their products? Perhaps you just want some small domestic jobs to keep you ticking over. How you market yourself on your website is key to getting the right customers. We can produce the right content to attract more of the work you want.

Speak In Their Language

The way you sell your services is different if you’re talking to a private client who wants new doors fitting at home than if you’re speaking to another professional about contract work. We will find out what sort of work you’re after and tailor your website to speak directly to those kinds of customers.

Never Miss A Lead

As part of your Tradely subscription, you get a custom app that lets you track every lead from your site or your connected Tapped card.

Mark each lead as won or lost, and never miss out on an opportunity again.

tradely app screenshots

What’s The Next Job?

With your Tradely app providing you with an up-to-date lead list, you always know where your next job is coming from.

You can pick and choose the sort of work you want to take on thanks to its simple interface.

Call or email customers with a single tap of the screen and start booking your next project.

Be The Reliable Ones

When you’re in the trade, your reputation is everything.

Nobody wants to hire a joiner with a reputation for not responding to inquiries.

With the Tradely app, all queries are compiled in one place, allowing you to quickly respond to each in person.

Even if you can’t take on every job, word gets around that you always respond to queries, and that will always put you ahead of the competition.

Look Professional

Your new carpenter website will look great.

Clean layouts, easy to navigate, well-written content that speaks to your customers—we’ll even match your branding for you!

Combine that with a business-grade email that includes your domain name, and people will know you’re a professional carpenter who means business.

By looking professional (and, of course, acting professional), you get to charge better rates, and your new website is the key to doing just that.

What We Do

Your Website

It all starts with a strategy session, but if that sounds a bit too “markety” for you, think of it as a chat about your business (which is really all it is). We find out what you want from your site, what sort of customers you’re hoping to attract, and what kind of work you want to do. Our talented copywriters will then put together some content that speaks to the right people in the right tone, while our website team builds a smooth-running and attractive site that matches your branding.

The Tradely App

In addition to web hosting, your monthly Tradely subscription gives you access to our custom app. It’s an easy-to-use and versatile piece of kit that lets you track your leads and your ongoing jobs in one handy location. Never miss out on a lead again, build a steady flow of ongoing work, and secure a reputation as a joiner who always responds to inquiries.

Professional Email

Let’s lose the Hotmail address, shall we? It’s time to go for a more professional look. We’re Google Workspace partners, which means we can get you set up with a proper business-level email so customers know they’re dealing with an expert. It’s all managed by us and runs directly through your app—no fuss, no worries.

Lead Gen Tools

Have you ever been on a job or down the pub and someone has asked for your details? Scribbling your phone number on a scrap of paper or handing over a dog-eared business card doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

With your Tapped card or key fob, you can have them pull up your Tradely profile with just a touch of their smartphone. Let them send you a query there and then and have it drop into the Inbox on your Tradely app.

It works for personal requests and referrals, so you’ll never miss an opportunity again.

Cheap Website for Trades with Tradely® Tapped

It’s Easy To Get Sorted with Tradely

We Get It, You’re Too Busy

If you’re already getting weighed down with work, advertising for more of it might be the last thing on your mind.

However, now is exactly the time you should be thinking about it.

It’s better to start promoting your business while you’re flush with cash than when you’re low on funds and really need people to hear about you.

websites for joiners by Tradely®
Websites for planning companies by Tradely®

Just One Meeting

Yep, that’s all it takes to get the ball rolling on your Tradely site—a single meeting.

We’ll work out what pages you need to include on your site, as well as what they should say to make sure you attract the kind of work you actually want to take on.

From there, you can sit back and relax while we design and build your website, write all the content, and handle the technical behind-the-scenes stuff for you.

Within a few weeks, everything will be ready for you to shout about on social media, put on the side of your van, and do anything else you want with it.

We’ll Call You Right Back!

It couldn’t be easier to get things moving with Tradely. All we need is your name, phone number, and email address, and a member of our team will give you a call.

We will quickly figure out what we can do to help you grow your business, and you won’t be left waiting around for a quote.

Within minutes of that first call, we’ll get back to you with a fully-costed price for our services.

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