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Cleaning Website Design

As a professional cleaner, you know how important first impressions are.

You clean up your customers’ homes, offices, and places of work to make them look as good as they can be.

Isn’t it about time you let somebody do the same for your website?


Problems We See With Cleaner Websites

We Know You Don’t Just Dust,
But Do They?

Are you a domestic cleaner or do you specialise in commercial kitchens?

Perhaps you’re an expert in ULV cleaning and disinfection, industrial cleaning, or high-level and rope access work.

Whatever your specialty, you need to market yourself properly. A generic cleaning site or Facebook page might attract a bunch of visitors, but how many are looking for the unique services you provide?

If you don’t make it clear what you’re offering, you’re just missing out on work.

cleaner websites by Tradely®
websites for cleaners by Tradely®

Not Looking Like A Cleaning Professional?

Whether you include your site in a Facebook ad aimed at domestic customers, a PowerPoint presentation for a major commercial job, or tender documents for a public sector gig, it needs to catch people’s attention—and in a good way.

As a cleaner, people are putting their trust in you, not only to do the job but to have access to all areas of their property.

A ropey-looking website won’t do anything to earn their trust. In fact, it’s likely to do just the opposite and send them towards a more professional site run by your competition.

Are You Easy To Buy From?

People don’t want to have to search through dozens of pages and walls of text to find your list of services and prices.

Most new visitors will give you thirty seconds or less to show them what they need to know before looking elsewhere.

If your site is hard to get around, your prices are unclear, or your content doesn’t make sense, your customers will leave and go somewhere else.

websites for cleaners by Tradely®

Is Your Email Killing Your Enquiries?

Setting up a fun-sounding email like was a great idea back in the nineties, but we can all agree that just doesn’t cut it today.

Your customers want a professional-sounding email address, and you want a provider that won’t send all of your website queries to its spam folder.

If you want a reputation as someone who always responds to leads, you need to make sure you’re getting them all in your inbox.

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Here’s How To Fix It

male cleaner holding bucket

Clean More Of What You Like!

Do you want to do more cleaning work for schools and colleges, or would you rather handle domestic cleaning jobs for elderly customers? Perhaps you want more factory and warehouse cleaning work or to concentrate on deep-cleaning commercial kitchens. We can create landing pages for every type of work you want to focus on, with well-written content that attracts the right kind of customer, giving you more of the cleaning work you enjoy.

Speak In Their Language

There’s a world of difference between selling domestic cleaning services to householders and workplace cleaning solutions to the manager of a multi-tenanted national office block. At Knights Digital, we know how to tailor your service pages to speak directly to your target audience in a language they understand, so they will be dying to work with you.

Charge More For Your Cleaning Services

Think of your website as a shop window. If everything looks high-end and professional, you’d expect to pay a higher price for whatever is on the shelves. Your customers are the same. With a pro website to market your cleaning services, you will look like the professional you are and be able to charge customers accordingly.

Never Miss A Lead

Whenever somebody puts an inquiry through your site, it falls straight into the lead list on your Tradely app.

This makes it easier than ever to track your leads, mark them as won or lost, and balance your workload.

Between the site, the app, and our Tapped cards, you can get referrals on the job or down the pub with a tap of the phone, so you never miss out on work again.

tradely app screenshots

Finishing A Job? What’s Next?

Your lead list makes sure you always know where your next job is coming from, letting you cherry-pick the work you want to do.

Leads from your website, business cards, and lead generation tools (see below), all drop into one mailbox.

Our simple interface lets you call or email clients with a simple tap to get them booked into your diary.

Be The Reliable Ones

Nobody wants to work with a cleaner who doesn’t answer inquiries, and word soon gets around if you’re one of those cleaners.

With every lead and inquiry popping up in your Tradely app, you can respond to all your potential customers and watch your reputation skyrocket as a result.

You don’t have to take on every job—just responding will let people know you’re a reliable cleaner who can be trusted.

Look Professional

When we design and build your website, you’re getting something special.

Gorgeous, clean layouts, easy to find the information your clients need, built to match your company branding—it’s going to look incredible.

We can even provide you with a business-grade email that includes your domain name.

A professional website shows your customers that this is a real company and not just a side hustle.

What We Do

Your Website

We start with a strategy session, which is a fancy way of saying we work out what you need on your website and how best to sell your cleaning services to your preferred customers. After that initial meeting, you can sit back and relax while we write the content, build the site, source images, and handle all the technical work that will make your site a success.

The Tradely App

As part of your subscription, you don’t just get a web hosting package—you get our custom-built Tradely app as well. It’s the perfect tool for any dedicated cleaner, letting you keep tabs on all your current jobs, contact customers at the touch of your screen, and notifying you every time you get a lead through your site.

Professional Email

Anyone looking for a professional cleaner is going to think twice about sending a query to a Hotmail or Gmail address. You need a business-level email that includes your domain name and reinforces your branding. As Google Workspace partners, we can set that up for you and link it directly to your Tradely app for easy access and management.

Lead Generation Tools

Did someone down the boozer ask if anyone knows a good cleaner?

Don’t be rummaging in your pockets for a crumpled or out-of-date business card.

Whip out your Tradely Tapped card instead and transfer your profile direct to their phone.

They can make an enquiry then and there, and you can see the notification pop up immediately in your app, ready for your follow-up.

This means you never have to miss an opportunity for future work.

Cheap Website for Trades with Tradely® Tapped

It’s Easy To Get Sorted with Tradely

We Get It, You’re Too Busy Cleaning

If you’re already snowed under with work, setting up a new website might be the least of your worries, but this is actually the ideal time to consider it.

After all, getting your marketing sorted now while you’re a bit flush is better than waiting until the work dries up down the road.

By the time we’ve set up your site, you can expect a steady stream of leads to come your way.

cleaning company marketing by Tradely®
cleaning company websites by Tradely®

Just One Meeting

No matter what kind of cleaner you are, we work with you to figure out what you need from your website.

This includes the services you offer your customers and how to market them so that you attract the kind of work you want.

After that first meeting, you can carry on doing what you do best: delivering high-quality cleaning services to your existing client list.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will write, design, and build your site, set up your email account, and create your Tradely profile.

Once we’re done, you can start using it right away and begin plastering your new site on your van, social media, email signatures, and more.

We’ll Call You Right Back!

Getting the ball rolling with Tradely couldn’t be simpler—just send us your name, email address, and phone number, and we’ll give you a quick call to see what we can do for you.

There’s no hanging around waiting for a quote, either—we’ll get you a price within minutes of that call.

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