How Do I Take Photos For My Website?

So you’re a tradesperson and you’ve just finished fitting a state of the art bathroom for your client. You want to take some photos of your work to add to your portfolio, but you don’t know how? Every photo that you take is either blurry, too dark or just doesn’t look good! 

At Tradely, we understand that getting the right photo of your work can be tricky. It’s also incredibly important, as this is one of the key things that prospective clients have to judge you from. So we’ve created a series of easy to follow points to help you get the most out of your pictures!

Watch Your Angles 

Sometimes it can’t be helped, but seeing a reflexion of the picture-taker in the photo can distract the viewer from your work. Watch out for shiny surfaces such as mirrors and glass, and try to get a better angle if you can. If it’s impossible to do, just keep your reflection to a minimum.

Avoid Phones

Over the years, camera phones have definitely got better. However, DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras still offer better quality photography, and have become affordable over the years. You can pick up one for as little as a couple of hundred quid! Better quality photos can generate more leads, so it can really end up paying for itself!

The Rule of Thirds

It may sound strange, but taking a photo with the subject in the centre is not always as pleasing to the eye as you might think. Sometimes, it’s better to place the focus of your photo to the left or right instead. This is called the ‘rule of thirds’, and is an important photographic technique that can change your generic photo into a professional one. Take a look at the short video below to get started!

Keep Your Hand Still

Blurry photos don’t only look bad, but they are uncomfortable to look at. It can be difficult to get the perfect shot, but make sure that you hold your camera straight and wait a second or two until the picture has been taken.

Horizontal Pictures Only

Horizontal pictures are more pleasing on the eye, and they also show off your work as a whole. So, make sure that you take horizontal pictures only and not vertical ones.


Good lighting is key to taking great photos, so if you don’t have any natural light in the room, make sure to turn the flash on your camera! If using a camera phone is your only option, invest in a mini, portable photography light. You can pick one of these up for cheap, and it can make a huge difference to your photos!

Clean Shots

Clients want to see flawless photos, so make sure to move any rubbish or cleaning materials out of shot. Bits of plastic, cardboard and leftover materials from your work will make your photos look unprofessional. We want to see clean surfaces!

High Quality Shots Only!

It can be tempting to just ask your customer to take photos for you when you’re done, but when photos are sent over WhatsApp for example, the quality becomes compromised and distorted. Make sure that you take the photos yourself. You want high quality, full resolution shots ALWAYS!

Go Back if Needed

Sometimes a client’s job involves multiple trades, and you might not be the last person on the job. It’s part of a process, and ideally you only want to take pictures of the finished article. Ask the client if you can return to take pictures of your work yourself, this way you get to add a completed product to your portfolio.

Save Your Photos Online

So you’ve followed the above steps and produced some amazing snaps for your website! But how do you store them? Keeping photos and documents on a laptop or memory card is not always the best way, as if your device breaks then your photos are gone forever! Storing your photos on the cloud using Google Drive ensures that they are safe and secure. You also save on device space as you’re not keeping them on your laptop or memory card. Contact us for more information on setting up your Google Drive account.

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