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How about more time to relax in the pub?

If you’re a tradesperson looking for more work, you’ve come to the right place.

Your website could be hard at work selling your business for you whilst you enjoy a hard earned bevvy with your mates.

Tradesperson? Need more work? Keep scrolling...

Here's How We Help...

We make it easier for you to advertise

With a top-class website, written and designed especially for you, you only need to send a link to someone and they can get a full breakdown of everything you do, and get in touch with you really easily.

We make you look more professional

Lets face it, the first thing people will do when they hear about you is Google you, and if you don’t show up but your competition does, then you will miss out on the job over them.

We make sure you never miss a lead

Once your website is online we make sure it stays that way. We make sure it stays secure, is fast, and all of the leads that get submitted get stored in the Tradely Leads Tracking App so you’ll never lose a sale to your spam box ever again.

A Website Service for Tradespeople
Supporting The Nation's Grafters


We handle the full website build for our you. Just one meeting, then we take the reins.


We make sure your site stays online, stays updated, and doesn’t get hacked. Keeping your biz online 24/7.

The App

You won’t miss a trick. Every lead from your website gets tracked in the Tradely App.


Professional, business-grade email, makes you clients stand out from the crowd.

Why Do I Need A Website?
Even With A Micro Business

Your Competitors Have One

If you’re pitching for the same job as another similar business, the first thing your prospect is going to do is Google your company.

If your competitor shows up with a super shiny website, with loads of lovely pictures, reviews, and nicely curated services, and all that shows up for you is your Facebook page or companies house listing…

Who would you choose?

It's Super Shareable

Look, we know it’s great having a saved note that you can paste into local Facebook groups when your pals tag you in a lead, but imagine how much better you’d look with a tasty web link?

Share a single link, Facebook will pull a nice image through (that we’ll create for you), and your new lead will be able to look at a page detailing all of the ace things you’ll do for them.

Not only that, but we’ll give them an easy contact form that feeds straight into your leads app!

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Contact, On Their Terms

Sharing a phone number is one thing, but imagine spending the same amount of time giving someone a web link where they get access to: your phone number, email address, Facebook page, Instagram, loads of pictures of your work, a list of your services, and a nice easy contact form that makes it easy for you to call them back?

By having all of these options, you give your clients the freedom and choice to contact you on their terms, how they feel comfortable, whenever they’re ready.

Who Are You Guys?
Wigan Based Web Wizards

Chances are if you’re seeing this page, you’re from the Wigan area. 

We’re a local web company called Knights Digital, a full service web agency who loves working with small business, so we created this package for tradespeople so you can get yourself a sh*t-hot website, without breaking the bank.

You get access to our full team, in a nice and easy, clearly defined process, that keeps the cost down, and keeps your hands free of the keyboard and doing the job you do best.

Fancy a chat?

Fancy A Chat?

Just leave us your name and number, and one of the squad will give you a tinkle in the next working day, you finish off that beer first.

No high-pressure sales nonsense, just a quick 10 minutes to hear about your biz.

Wanna see some work?
No Problem!

We’ve got a shed load of work on our main agency website. Click this big green button to head over there. We’ll be bringing a trades specific portfolio to this site shortly too.